Exactly what is ‘winzy‘? That’s what
my question was when I first saw the word. It actually sounded a little
bit fun, sort of a not-too-serious bit of (Yes, I’m going to say it.)
"Whimsy". As to what it is, it’s a search engine. But this search engine
offers more than just search results.

If you join winzy,
each search, in addition to search results, you get the chance to win
prizes in a sort of instant win that notifies you at the top of the
search results page if you win. Prizes you can win range from iPods to
Amazon cash gift certificates to iTunes gift certificates, Winzy Points
and more.

A relatively new addition is Winzy Secret Suitcase, which is very
similar to the game show "Deal
or No Deal
" and there is actually the chance to win prizes if you
log in to winzy to play.

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