Recently I’d had a refreshing encounter with a musician who was one of the few I’ve heard of around here that refused to sour themselves by taking part in one of yoga guy’s “concerts” at four am.

Not long after that a driver for a local delivery company came in and when yoga guy was mentioned the driver said that he must have spent a fortune recently because his brown delivery truck was loaded to the gills with packages that were all for yoga guy.

This kind of news is never good.  It means that sleeping at four am is once again going to be out of the question.  Dreading the answer, I asked the delivery driver what he was delivering today.  He replied that yoga guy must have spent a fortune buying heil microphones at musicians friend because there were no less than five hundred of them on his truck.

Five hundred microphones?!?

This is big.  It’s beyond big.  This means that he’s apparently decided to spread his sound over a much greater area with a LOT more people involved.  In fact it’s entirely possible that this time he might even get noise complaints from the international airport some 60 miles from here.

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