Adventures in Cooking

March 13th, 2007 | Posted in Food | 1 Comment

While I’ve never been a "hopeless kitchen klutz" who couldn’t boil
water, It’s also true that I haven’t done a huge amount of cooking and
most of what I did was of the very basic "open it and heat it up"
variety. I’d open something up and toss it in the microwave and nuke it,
hopefully not cooking the taste clean out of it.

In recent times however, I’ve taken a much greater interest in learning
more. I’ve even made up a recipe Inspired by suggestions by my wife, I
created a tasty (though really carb loaded) pasta dish made with ramen
noodles. (sometime I’m going to have to repost the recipe, it was up
here once but got lost in a crash).

These days I’m learning a lot about an assortment of main and side
dishes and there’s even a few Appetizer
that I’d like to try. For example this White
Pizza Dip
sounds really good, but I can easily see using it as a
base for a full blown pizza. Of course, before I can do that, I’m going
to have to get the dough recipe figured out, I found one that can be
made up in a bread
, but the problem there is if I want to make more than one
dough it could take most of a day.

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One Response to “Adventures in Cooking”

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