There’s this new guy in town and everybody is hoping that he’s just here for a vacation and leaves soon.

Y’see, this guy is really big on control.  Everything has to be his way or the highway and he’s the first person to tell you that right to your face regardless of who you are.

He’s also big on using things that he thinks will scare people into obeying him faster.  Problem is that he’s usually a bit off on that.  His choice of scare tactic isn’t scaring anyong.  Mostly he’s becoming a bigger and bigger pain in the butt with each passing day.

For example two days ago he walks into the Nutjob Hills Diner and yells “abogado de inmigracion” as if that was supposed to frighten the waitress into getting him coffee faster.

Mostly what it does is annoy everyone around.  Around here we like to take it easy and slow in the mornings and actuall savor that 1st cup.  Preferably without some nimrod walking in and yelling something in spanish about immigration when nobody in the entire city of Nutjob Hills is anything other than homegrown natural born American citizens.

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