Anyone who’s trying to earn a little money on the side by writing the
occasional sponsored post will no doubt be aware of the fact that when
writing for certain companies one of the
factors that determine what opportunities you get and how much you can
earn per post is the site’s Alexa ranking.

This value is based on the number of visitors to your site that are
running either the Alexa toolbar (for IE users) or the Search
Status extension for Firefox
. There is problems with that however.
First off, the Alexa toolbar is considered spyware by a lot of people.
Second, only something like one percent of Internet users have either of
these Alexa tools, which means that you could go a long time without
getting hits from Alexa enabled visitors.

Since early last February this blog’s Alexa ranking was nearly 4,500,000
(the lower your Alexa number the better.) I spent some time searching
around to learn more about Alexa and how to improve my Alexa ranking. It
didn’t take too long for me to find out about the Search Status
extension. I quickly started using it and started getting results
quickly. By Feb. 24 my Alexa rank had dropped to 2,965,467. By March 8
it was 1,160,832. On the 11th it was down to 812,697. And then I found
out about the Alexa
site widget

This turned out to be a small bit of javascript that I could add to my
blog template. Now any visitor that has javascript enabled counts toward
Alexa’s traffic ranking. As of today, the Alexa ranking for this blog’s
domain is 624,921. At this rate, I expect it to drop below 200,000
before the end of the month. Having and Alexa rank that low will open up
more of the better paying opportunities.

So if you want your Alexa number to reflect all of your traffic instead
of the 1% that use Alexa enabled browsers, that little widget is the way
to go.

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