Y’know, one of these days somebody is finally going to put a stop to yoga guy’s incessant noise creating machniations.  Sadly this is not that day.

His latest variation is a collection of drum and bell type instruments.  Apparently he’s trying to add something of a beat and / or ring to his “music”.  Personally I think he’s simply trying to deafen everyone.

He was overheard talking at the Nutjob Hills Diner recently about how he recently aquired a truckload of, and I quote “exciting innovative percussion mallets”.  Exactly how a percussion mallet (basically a hammer you beat various drums and bells with to make “music”) could possibly be exciting.  Of course I’m not exactly a big time music guy either.  This is especially true since yoga guy moved in next door.

I can however easily imagine a use for those mallets that would indeed be music to my ears.

Unfortunately that would make a really disgusting mess and involve a mountain of paperwork.  Neither of which I want to deal with.

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