Every once in a while I get a not so subtle reminder that I am living in a town of complete and total nutjobs, that there is good reason for me calling this place “Nutjob Hills”.

One such reminder came with the recent ice storm.  One of the many local would be business giants decided that he would offer a service to help people clear their driveways and the local streets of ice.

Thing is of course, that such ideas are usually just a tad bit odd.  such as this guy’s idea.  He wasn’t actually selling a service like he called it.  His “service” was to tell people about a website where they could get tools and machines to take care of the problem.  The idea was that they’d pay him, he’d give them a url and say click here and then presto, their problems were solved.

Of course this didn’t go over very well and he ended up out of business within hours of opening.  On the other hand at least he didn’t have a bunch of money invested in this whack job plan.

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