Ethics Panel Dismisses Huckabee Case

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I’m sorry, I have a problem with this. If all he needed to do was make
sure that "employee or constituents SSN’s or credit card information,
then all he really would have needed to do would be to format the hard
drives and use one of several methods available (some for free) to wipe
the hard drives.

Even if he was right to do what he did the way he did it, there is no
way on earth that I will ever believe that it would cost $13,000 to do
it. He could certainly have arranged to have them melted down for only a
couple hundred bucks at the very outside most.

My opinion?  I can’t help wondering what was REALLY being hidden.  This
whole story stinks out loud and I for one don’t buy it.  I don’t know
the real reason, but I think what was given in this story is pure BS.

Panel Dismisses Huckabee Case

The Arkansas Ethics Commission unanimously dismissed a complaint
Friday over Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee’s
destruction of computer hard drives as he left the governor’s office
this year. The commission voted 4-0 to dismiss the complaint filed by
Jim Parsons, said Graham Sloan, the commission’s executive director.

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