We may never actually know the full reason behind the insane quest of yoga guy and his insane need to have hideous loud “music” playing at four A.M. while he does his yoga moves in his front yard (yeah, even in freezing weather).

What is known however is that he’s ruining the musical futures of many a would-be musician.  It matters now what they play or the style of music they prefer, he’s after each and every single one in an effort to get as many different people to play in his front yard four A.M. “concerts”.

At the Nutjob Hills Diner the other day there was another such case.  A guy was talking to his friend about having just gotten a good arturia keyboard at guitar center when, seemingly out of nowhere, yoga guy appeared and started trying to talk him into playing for him.

What these hopefuls don’t know is that with yoga guy on their resume, they might as well buy a shovel and dig ditches for a living.

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