I suddenly realized that I had not updated this "wishlist" category
since well before Christmas ’06 so I thought I’d take some time and make
a start on updating it. So pretty much all entries in this category
prior to this one should be considered to out of date to use.

Here’s a few things to start it off with:

Movies include:

  • Predator
  • Predator II
  • All of the "Aliens" movies
  • Aliens vs Predator
  • Cars
  • Eragon
  • All five of the Christopher Reeves "Superman" movies
  • All of the "Batman" movies, (including the campy Adam West one from
    the 60’s)

Well, I’m certain there’s about a zillion things more, but this is good
for a start. Who knows? maybe this time I’ll keep this section more up
to date.

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