Insure121 is another online insurance site, this one being in the UK and
primarily concerned with UK insurance needs. Their site looks pretty
good overall. The text colors they are using are close to, but not quite
over, the point where I would find it hard to read

They are mostly concerned with "motor
insurance" which I believe is UK for "car insurance". The site has
places to get quotes from nine different car insurance companies, as
well as six different companies that they deal with for home
insurance. There is travel
insurance for those who want to be covered just in case something
happens while on a trip like baggage getting lost or other travel
disasters. They even list three insurance companies that sell policies
for pet insurance,
I’ve never heard of insuring pets, but I guess there’s plenty of people
who do so.

Another thing about the site is that it doesn’t appear to be JUST about
selling insurance. While that is obviously the primary reason for it,
there is also quite a large number of informational and news related
articles. These articles cover everything from ways to save money to the
latest news affecting the insurance industry.

The only thing I can see that takes away from the site is that links to
their privacy policy, sitemap, contact page and others are located in a
medium-light gray box at the bottom of the page with medium-dark gray
text. Not only do I think the text should contrast from the background
more than it does, it seems to me that these links would be better
placed higher on the page where potential customers could find them
easier. But of course, that’s just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

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