Here’s a couple of words that I never would have thought had any meaning
at all until just a few minutes ago: "Wabba Dabba". …And what is
"Wabba Dabba" you may ask? Ok, I’ll tell you.

It’s a search engine. Unlike the common search engines that nearly
everyone on the Internet has heard of, is one that offers
the chance to win prizes. According to the FAQ you don’t even have to
sign up in order to have a chance, up to 15 chances per day in fact, to
win. All you need to do is load up Wabbadabba
– search and win, and use it like you would any other search engine.

Because I like to comment at least a little bit on site design in these
little mini-reviews, I’ll say that theirs is what I would call
‘minimalist’. Which means that it’s got what it needs in order to do
what they’re talking about. As of this writing there is NOT a whole huge
page load of advertising, flash, java applets and other things that slow
a site down and make it almost a burden to use.

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