At first it seems like it might even be a good idea, but then when you
stop to think about it, where does this end? Do we end up with a
national (or planetary??) database that is loaded with every bit of data
about everyone that can possibly be crammed into it?

Do we take DNA samples of everybody even if there is NOT enough to get a
court order to do it by the rules? When does it stop?

The answer of course, is that if people don’t make noise about this kind
of thing, LOTS of noise, then it won’t stop. One day we’ll wake up
living Winston Smith’s personal nightmare in George Orwell’s world of

The problem is that there isn’t much noise being made about things like
this. They never appear on the evening news, Good Morning America, The
Today Show, Primetime, or even Dr Phil.

Creative DNA
collection raises ethical questions

BUFFALO, N.Y. – When a 60-year-old man spat on the sidewalk, his
DNA became as public as if he had been advertising it across his

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