When I first saw PersonalHomeLoanMortgages.com the first thing I thought
was that they might just be able to win some kind of award for having a
really long domain name that can actually be remembered.

The site is, as you can guess from the domain name, centered on
Mortgages and Mortgage
Refinancing. They’ve managed to pack quite a bit onto just the index
page without making it so busy that you get lost in it. They also avoid
one of my favorite things to not like about a web page by keeping text
colors decently contrasted from the backgrounds so that everything is
easy to read.

There’s a bunch of financial news type articles and at the bottom of the
page is a huge number of links for so it’s easier to find pages specific
to California
Mortgages, Florida
Mortgages or any other state as well as dozens of cities all over
the US.

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