Ok, the answer to the question this headline answers is a resounding NO!.
This whole program is yet one more thing that cheapens sex. By treating
it in such a clinical way, they’re leaving out any teaching about the
moral aspects. Because modern sex education often includes some twit
handing out condoms, more and more kids just think of it as simply
another fun thing to do with no regard for the responsibility and
maturity that is required.

As for the handing out of condoms in schools, that practice should be
stopped. Instead abstinence should be taught. The ONLY sure fire way to
avoid pregnancy and spreading STD’s is to NOT have sex in the first
place, which means they don’t need the blasted condoms, instead they
need to learn self control.

Sexual Orientation Be Taught in the Classroom?

A Maryland Sex-Ed Program Is Causing Controversy

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