In spite of the fact that the word sounds like it ought to be the name
of a game, is in the business of international calling cards, International
prepaid phone calling cards and International
student phone cards.

The site is on the busy side but manages to also be informative. There’s
a rate calculator that can give you a quote on international calling
rates. They’re also doing a promotion where you get five dollars US
which adds up to something like up to 4 hours of free International
calls just for signing up.

They’ve got pages showing the current rates for quite a few countrys.
When I was on the site I looked at some and saw that Israel
calling card rates were 2.8/minute, and United
Kingdom Calling Card rates were at 1.8/minute.

The one thing that the site didn’t make really clear was the
denomination of the rates, in the above examples I assume they were
talking about 2.8 and 1.8 cents per minute, but the site did not make
that as clear as it could be.

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