Customer magnetism is a service that offers search
engine marketing
and optimizing services that are designed to
improve your sites overall ranking and position in the search engine
results pages.

Because of the service they offer I expected to find their pages easy to
read, well written and clearly communicating useful information to the
visitor and I was not disappointed. They did a good job of letting the
visitor know what it is they do, including defining some of the terms
they use.

Also because of the kind of business it is, I decided to look up the
keywords they used in their page title on google. I figured that if
they’re good at what they do, then they’ll have good position for their
main keyword phrases. Here’s the keyword phrases I searched for and
their site’s Position in Google results for each one.

  • search engine positioning 1
  • search engine placement services 2
  • search engine placement 3
  • website ranking 17
  • search engine marketing 13

Given those results, It looks like they know something of what they’re
doing at least.

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