Micosoft to Buy DoubleClick?

March 28th, 2007 | Posted in Internet, News | Comments Off on Micosoft to Buy DoubleClick?

So Micro$oft is going to buy DoubleClick? One shady giant buys another.
All the more reason to be sure that you’ve got Adblock and NoScrpt
extensions in FireFox. Having a good hosts file would be a good idea

The idea is to hit doubleclick where it hurts, with just a little bit of
work, you can prevent any of their stuff from loading. This will save on
page loading times, having to deal with the infamous doubleclick
tracking cookies, and of course, having to load their advertisements
that nobody wants to see anyway.

to Buy DoubleClick?

roscoetoon writes to tell us Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft
is in talks to buy DoubleClick. Seen as a move to compete against the
Google advertising engine Double Click owners Hellman & Friedman are
seeking a $2 billion payday. "The purchase would give Microsoft tools
to battle Google Inc. for ads that appear on Web sites. DoubleClick
works with advertisers to create online campaigns, such as streaming
video clips to promote New Line Cinema’s movie "The Number 23." The
New York-based company’s Dart technology monitors the performance of
Internet ads for marketing companies."

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