Once again somebody is pushing a plan to end Arab Israeli conflicts.
Once again the plan involves Israel giving up land. Once again the plan
involves the inclusion of Arab East Jerusalem in a Palestinian state.
Once again the plan involves the potential return of palestinian
refugees to what is now Israel.

The summit where this plan was talked about and pushed even ended with
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas saying: "I reiterate the sincerity
of the Palestinian will in extending the hand of peace to the Israeli

I’ll say it flat out. This plan, or any like it, will NEVER work
until the day that Israel makes an unholy alliance with the antichrist.
And then they’ll end up regretting it long before the dust settles.

leaders urge Israel to take peace offer

RIYADH (Reuters) – Arab leaders on Thursday endorsed a 5-year-old
peace plan to end conflict with Israel, and the Israeli prime minister
said he saw a "revolutionary change" in the Arab world.

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