This site is an interesting twist on the concept of auction sites. It’s
almost more of a Sweepstake
than an auction site. In fact, it bills itself as a game. Unlike ebay,
you don’t try to get the highest bid on the item you want. Instead
you’re looking to be the lowest
unique bid

That means that of all the bids for an item, the unique bids are
potential winners and the lowest one wins. If you bid 73 cents for
something and you’re the only one to bid exactly that amount then that
is a unique bid. If your unique bid is the lowest one for that item,
then you win.

They’ve made it easy to bid either by logging on to the site or by
sending a text message from your cell phone.

I looked around and there was a fair assortment of goodies ranging from iPods,
iPhones, Nintendo Wii and even cars and cash prizes

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