Vista Failing “Blackboard” College Courses

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Why am I not surprized? It seems anymore that every time I read
something about Windows Vi$ta that was not written by Micro$oft, it’s
revealing yet another shortcoming or security flaw of one kind or
another. I’ve also seen lots of comments by people on Usenet and other
places by people who have tried Vista or been forced to use it at work.
Without fail, every single one of them hate it for a variety of reasons.

Come to think of it, the ONLY good things I’ve EVER read
about Windows Vi$ta were written by Micro$oft or people & organizations
that are employed or at least partly owned by Micro$oft.

Doesn’t it make sense that if Vi$ta really was so great there would be
lots of computer literate people signing it’s praises? I’m listening but
I don’t hear a single note. There must be a reason don’t you think?

Speaking for myself, I’m not going any farther down the Windows path
than I already have. The only way I’ll ever have Vi$ta is if it’s
already installed on a new PC and then it’ll only be there long enough
for me to get it home, format the HD and
install Linux

Failing "Blackboard" College Courses

writertype writes "Although Blackboard is used to communicate
between students and professors at virtually all of PC
Magazine/Princeton Review’s top 20 wired colleges, when run under a
Vista environment users can see glitches. Moreover, IT departments
told PC Mag that if Blackboard is used with Vista plus IE7, students
can’t communicate via the software. When asked why, Microsoft …
waffled. Blackboard says they’ll have a fix in place by summer.
Meanwhile, are there any other common college apps that Vista fails to
work with?"

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