Credit Provide has a site up with an assortment of loan calculators and
an education
center with quite a number of articles about credit cards, loans,
mortgages and more. These articles contain a lot of information and tips
for personal finance.

For example, Credit
Card Insurance Explained covers some of the basics about credit card
insurance and why you might want it in the event you were suddenly
unemployed because of a layoff or your employer decides to downsize your
job out of existence In the event of disability credit card insurance
could even keep you out of major problems by paying your minimum balance
due while you’re unable to work.

Another article, Guarding
Against Credit Card Fraud, gives tips on how to avoid credit card
fraud and identity theft. It talks about several good sense tips that
can help prevent problems. From drawing a line through any blank entries
on a credit card receipt you are signing to destroying carbon copies,
your old receipts and any other paperwork you don’t need that has your
account numbers on it.

The loan
calculator tools, from the Simple
Loan Calculator to the Payday
Loan Calculator or Mortgage
Refinance Calculator, are actually small interactive flash movies
that load fairly quickly and enable you to try out any number of "what
if" situations.

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