I do wonder one thing about this little it of news.  Why has it taken so long to happen?  From all I’ve seen about Vista, MOST of the computers that are being sold as "Vista Ready" are no such thing.  Oh, they might be capable of running the OS, but only at it’s minimum functionality.  If you want all of the high end bells and whistles… like the Aero interface for example, you better have a really fast processor, FOUR GIGABYTES of Ram, and a 3D accellerated video card that is directx 9 compatible and has the Longhorn drivers.  If you don’t have all that, don’t bother expecting much from Vista.

But then, I wouldn’t recomend Vista on a bet to somebody I didn’t like, never mind innocent passers-by.  Save yourself grief, either stick with 98SE, XP, or take the plunge and get Linux

Microsoft Sued Over Vista Marketing

daviddennis writes "According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, a
lawsuit alleges that Microsoft engaged in deceptive practices by
letting PC makers promote hardware as ‘Windows Vista Capable’ even
though they knew it could not run most of Vista’s widely-promoted
features. Microsoft responds by saying that the differences have been
promoted with one of the most extensive marketing pushes in company
history. ‘In sum, Microsoft engaged in bait and switch — assuring
consumers they were purchasing Vista Capable machines when, in fact,
they could obtain only a stripped-down operating system lacking the
functionality and features that Microsoft advertised as Vista … As a
result, the suit said, people were buying machines that couldn’t run
the real Vista.’"

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