In the "Total Waste of Time and Aggravation" Department, It turns out
that all the extra trouble caused by changing when daylight savings time
was applied was all for nothing. In fact, if you think about it, it COST
us money. If only becuase of the time that had to be invested in getting
computer clocks adjusted / patched / etc to work with the new
arrangement. Now Congress doesn’t make the new times permanent, there’s
going to be even MORE money and time wasted as once again, computer
clocks will have to be re-adjusted / patched / etc.

Gee, Thanks Congress!

Saving Change Saved No Power

Brett writes "Results from energy companies are coming in, and the
word is that moving Daylight Saving Time forward three weeks had no
measurable impact on power consumption. The attempt by the US Congress
to make it look like they were doing something about the energy crisis
has been exposed as the waste it is. But the new DST is probably here
to stay &mdash letting the bill expire would mean re-patching a lot of
systems again next year. So much for saving energy."

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