In the world of finance (personal or business), it can be a real problem
figuring out what to do and when to do it. You need to carefully examine
all of your options and try out different variations in order to decide
if a particular decision is right for your particular financial
situation. Something that can be a big help in this is the the dozens of
online loan
calculators at They allow you to play financial
"what if" scenarios to get an idea of what would happen in a given

Here’s a brief overview of some of them:

Line of Credit Payment Calculator – This calculator calculates how
much it will cost to draw on a home equity line of credit. It shows how
much you will have to pay total, how much the monthly payments will be
and how much interest you will have to pay.

Comparison Calculator – A tool that lets you plug in different loan
amounts, interest rates, terms and closing costs. It shows how much each
value affects your payments and will let you determine the effective
APR, making it easier to compare loans.

vs. 30 year Mortgage Comparison Calculator – Find out how much you
can save by going with a 15 year mortgage instead of a 30 year mortgage.

Mortgage Payoff Calculator – Find out how much you can save by
paying off early.

the Money Last Calculator – Find out how long your money will last
if you make regular withdrawals based on how much is withdrawn, interest
rates and more.

of Investing Delay Calculator – Shows how much you can potentially
lose if you delay too long on an investment.

Tale of Two 401ks Calculator – Explore four basic strategies for
enhancing growth of a 401k investment.

As with any financial matter, Think twice, calculate all the
possibilities and then think again about the possibility for losing
money. These tools can be useful, but you shouldn’t take them as 100%
gospel either.

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