Ok, who else thinks this is getting rediculous?

Cellphones are, in my opinion, getting out of hand. I may be silly or old fashioned, but I always thought that the purpose of a phone was voice communication. Anymore, the blasted things are internet ready, camera equipped, music downloading monstrosities that have more crap in them than you can shake a stick at. Now people are even watching video on them?

Assinine! Ever get a good look at the screen on one of those things? It’s freakin tiny! I can’t imagine trying to watch Boston Legal on a phone, Can you? (I didn’t think so.)

Granted, the story below isn’t about watching tv on the phone, it’s about using a phone to schedule TiVo to record something at home. It just made me think of people watching Tv on their cellphones and IPod’s…

All I want to do when I see things like that is ask WHY?

TiVo to Let Users Record Shows Via Cellphone
Carl Bialik writes “Verizon Wireless plans to offer a new service called TiVo Mobile that will allow its customers who also have TiVos in their homes to schedule TV shows for recording when they are on the go, the Wall Street Journal reports.  ‘ A customer might use the service to impulsively schedule a sitcom for recording after the show is recommended by a friend at a party,’ says the WSJ, adding, ‘Verizon Wireless executives said the service, to begin this summer, is expected to cost less than $5 a month, in addition to normal cellphone-service charges and TiVo subscriber fees, which are $12.95 a month.'”

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