Well, to be honest it’s one that I created with my last fix that got it
using the entire references line from a msg being replied to. I forgot
to change a var name I was using for the attribution of quoted text.

This has it quoting the references line instead of the Message Id in the
first line of a reply:

What was supposed to look like:

In <cf4ccc813ad257dda2e0bb88b6b739e4@mixmaster.it> George Orwell
<nobody@mixmaster.it> wrote:

Was turning out:

In <NYidnYp6I5PVnpHbnZ2dnUVZ_sqdnZ2d@giganews.com>
<Xns9907C99758D082362352@> George Orwell <nobody@mixmaster.it>

To say the least it looks sloppy as all get out, not to mention
confusing.  I should have a fix done in a day or two.  I’ll announce
here and on alt.privacy.anon-server when MMS 1.2.4-Beta is ready.

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