A Step Towards an Invisibility Cloak

April 8th, 2007 | Posted in News, Technology | Comments Off on A Step Towards an Invisibility Cloak

I have to say that this one reads a lot like an April Fool’s joke, but I
suppose there’s some possibility that it’s real.

If it is, I think I’m glad that it’s sufficiently limited to keep true
invisibility a thing of fiction.  I don’t think Anyone wants a
government that has that kind of technology.

Step Towards an Invisibility Cloak

An anonymous reader alerts us to work out of Purdue University in
Indiana, where researchers have produced a design for a method of
cloaking objects of any shape and size at a single wavelength of
visible light. The math for such an invisibility effect was worked out
last year at Duke and in the UK, but the new work, to be published in
Nature Photonics this month, is the first practical design. The lead
researcher, Vladimir Shalaev, notes that even though the current
design works only at a single wavelength, and so would not convey true
invisibility, it could still be useful &mdash against, for example,
night-vision goggles or laser target designators. Shalaev calls the
technical challenge of producing an all-wavelengths cloak "doable in

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