Music and movie piracy hunters go after privacy law

April 9th, 2007 | Posted in News, Privacy | Comments Off on Music and movie piracy hunters go after privacy law

Leave it to the RIAA and the MPAA (You now, those
wonderful folks who sue and harass anyone and everyone who even so much
as looks at a computer that might have been used in piracy of music or
movies.) to decide that little things like privacy mean nothing when it
comes to them being able to find somebody else to harass

I’m not saying that piracy is ok, I’m saying that the RIAA and MPAA have
been overly heavy handed and need to have the slack jerked out of them.

and movie piracy hunters go after privacy law

The music and movie industries are lobbying state legislators for
permission to deceive when pursuing suspected music pirates.The
California Senate is considering a bill that would strengthen state
privacy laws by banning the use of false statements and other
misleading practices to get personal information. Known as pretexting,
the tactic created a firestorm of criticism when Hewlett-Packard Co.
detectives used it last year to obtain phone records of board members,
journalists and critics.

But the Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA, and
Motion Picture Association of America, or MPAA, say they sometimes
need to use subterfuge as they pursue bootleggers in flea markets and
on the Internet.

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