The Price of Gold

April 9th, 2007 | Posted in Marketing | Comments Off on The Price of Gold

"A dollar doesn’t buy what it used to." How many times have you heard
statements like that? What’s more, you don’t have to be a financial
wizard in a Wall Street office to know it’s true. Paper money changes
it’s value in terms of buying power all the time. On the other hand,
real money like gold and silver has a constant value in terms of buying
power even though the price
of gold
has varied greatly over the years.

If you think about it, gas, food, and almost everything else all have
the same value as they did years ago…IF you were to pay using gold or
silver. Yes, the price of gold changes all the time, but it’s relative
to the value of the dollar. Buying something today would take the same
amount of gold or silver as it would have taken years ago.

When you think prices have gone up, it’s really the value of the dollar
that has gone down. one way to use this information is to invest in gold
and silver, which would allow you to preserve the value of your
investment even as the prices of almost everything change.

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