Forex and futures trading could
be viable investments. If I had a financial market investment strategy
(which I don’t right now), It’s possible that futures and ‘forex’
(foreign currency exchange) could play a role. Global Futures Exchange &
Trading Co., Inc. has a feature that could help. It’s a free "Strategy
Runner" that allows you to test various strategies and decisions without
investing any actual money to get a feel for current market trends. They
also offer 24/7 live customer support and a live simulator to get people
familiar with current market trends.

Another thing I like about their website is that they have both a
dictionary and a glossary to help people like me to understand the
terminology used in financial markets. There’s a lot of specialized
language and terms used in financial markets that doesn’t mean much of
anything to people who don’t deal in them all the time. Things like
‘Cross-Hedging’, ‘Book Entry Securities’ or ‘Maintenance Margin’. These
tools can help you understand what what some of this finanncial
information is about.

You can e-mail if you have any questions
about how to get started with as little as $250.

Note: "There is risk of loss trading Futures, options and forex"

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