Wirefly has something going on that cell phone users may be interested
in. They have a deal going now where you can get a cell
phone upgrade. You see, most places selling cell phones and cellular
service will give you a free cell phone if you’re a new customer, but
with this deal even existing customers that are extending the contracts
they already have can get a free phone.

The offer is for Cingular or Sprint customers. If you qualify for a
contract extension, you can also qualify to upgrade your phone to one of
those fancy looking Motorola RAZR. Sometimes you can get other bonus
freebies like headsets. The only catch I can see is that you have to the
phone upgrade through Wirefly.

The first thing to do is have a look at the requirements for the cell
phone upgrade. There’s a different set of requirements depending on
whether you’re a Cingular or Sprint customer. Basically you have to have
been a customer in good standing for most of the length of your existing
contract, you shouldn’t have any history of late fees, Etc.

The Cingular upgrade wants you to extend your contract for anywhere from
12 to 24 months from the end of your existing contract depending on the
plan you choose.

The Sprint upgrade has similar requirements: you have to have 22 months
of continuous service on the existing Sprint PCS phone being upgraded,
you have to subscribe to a $34.99 or higher Sprint PCS service plan,
extend the contract 12 or 24 months and extend the existing Sprint PCS
contract an additional 24 months.

If you are an existing Nextel customer you can get a new Sprint PCS
phone by placing an order for a new Sprint PCS line of service

The one thing I didn’t find while looking around the site was exactly
what "bonus freebies" were available without actually trying to do the

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