On Imus and going too far.

April 11th, 2007 | Posted in News | Comments Off on On Imus and going too far.

This Imus thing brings to mind something that really bugs me. Why is it
that the media insists on covering every time somebody manages to say or
do something stupid in public and get a whole bunch of people mad at
them, yet when it comes to much more important things like the freedom
of speech issue I mentioned in a recent post or some of the things that
Congress is trying to pull without people knowing about… THOSE things
don’t get nearly as much press.

We can hear WEEKS of headline news coverage about Anna Nicole Smith and
the disposition of her body, baby, will, her baby’s inheritance, the
baby’s father and every other imaginable thing. But somebody’s freedom
of speech, THAT we don’t get to hear about… We have to find that on
the few sites or news stories that carry such things.

Oh well, I guess that one of the reasons that I keep this blog is to do
my part to say something about things like that when I find out about

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