It’s a site titled "10
Best Things to do in Dallas" and as you might suspect, it’s all
about things to do in Dallas Texas. Instead of being a simple list of
activities, this one is taking the time to elaborate on several of them.
It goes on, in a roundabout fashion, to mention several things. Their
list (not that it was a list really) included things like

  • Staying at one of the several hotels
  • Trying any of a wide variety of Dallas Restaurants
  • Going out to a lounge or nightclub
  • A sightseeing tour of the city
  • Check out the historic and cultural museums
  • They called the parks of Dallas "mystical" and strongly recommended
  • Of course you’d have to stop by Texas Stadium if the Cowboys were in
  • There’s also major league soccer
  • Championship rodeo
  • As well as Thoroughbred and quarter horse racing

So they did actually get ten things in, but it took some digging to get
’em all. Of course, with Six Flags close by, there’s a lot more to do.
But then things like "Batman The Ride" could also be enough to cause Anxiety
and Panic attacks on a serious scale. Personally, I think I’d rather
stop by one of the Dallas
Restaurants and enjoy a good meal instead or maybe go a step farther
and look at one of the Healthy
Cooking Classes and see what culinary wonders develop.

Of course, there’s a lot more to Texas than just Dallas. I read that
there’s over two hundred and sixty seven thousand square miles of places
to go and things to do. With all that, I expect that there’s plenty of
places to go and things to do from the Johnson Space Center in Houston
to the Gulf Coast resort area and enough state
parks to keep anyone busy for quite a while.

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