Insurance is something that I’ve always considered to be something of a
"dirty word". Partly because I see buying insurance as betting against
yourself and partly because I’ve found it to be pretty expensive unless
you’re financially well off enough to not really need it. Then there’s
the reach of insurance companies. First you have laws requiring Car
Insurance and promising legal penalties if you decide not to comply.
Then homeonwner’s policies, tenant policies, landlord policies and
insurance for you health, life and everything under the sun.

It’s almost funny some of the things people will buy insurance for. Take Travel
Insurance for example. It covers liability for situations while
traveling, cancellations, lost cash & luggage and so on. Some people
actually get Pet
Insurance to be covered in case something happens to fido. The one
that I can (up to a point) see reason to get is Cheap
Home Insurance because if something happens to your home, it’s going
to take a boatload of cash to get it rebuilt and most likely there are
few people able to come up with that kind of money on short notice.

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