Keywords Are A Key

April 12th, 2007 | Posted in Building Blog Traffic | 1 Comment

One of the "On-Site" optimizations that you should do is to consider the
keywords appropriate to the page you’re promoting. Keywords are
important because they are the words that people will type into a search
engine. When deciding what sites to show the users and what order to
show them in, the search engine will consider the keywords in the query
and compare them to the text on your pages, the text used in links to
your pages and the "keywords" meta tag in the <head> section of your html

If for example, somebody types "weight loss plan" into a search engine
and that phrase or variations of it do not appear on your page, in your
keywords meta tag or as the clickable text in links to your page, then
the odds are pretty good that your page is probably not going to be
listed in the results.

Ok, you’ve got it already, you know that the idea is to use the right
keywords in all of those places while at the same time writing the text
on your page for the people visiting it, not for the search engines. The
big question is "how do I know what keywords to use?"

Well, there are several useful tools to help. The first one is your own
mind. If the text on your page is on-topic and using language
appropriate to what you are talking about then you’re probably halfway
there. For example there’s probably not a weight loss page out there
that doesn’t use several variations on the phrase "weight loss" as well
as words and phrases that mean weight loss or are about weight loss.
Also, the name of something or words that describe it or what it does
are usually some of the best keywords for it.

Links and the text used in them are important. Largely they’re also out
of your control when it comes to links coming from other sites, but the
links you use on your site from one page to another are wide open for
you to make the most out of. Again, in the weight loss example, our
webmaster has a diet plan that he recommends with his program. He could
link to it with something like" ‘Click Here‘ for the diet
plan" or he could make better use of the link with something like this:
"Here is my recomended diet plan". (the bold words in my
text would be the actual link text on our hypothetical page.).

The second approach is much better, before even following the link the
visitor and the search engine already have an idea of what the link is
connecting to, this gives that link a lot more value.

Here’s some good tools to help come up with ideas for keywords to use.

Good Keywords is a free
program that can do a lot to help you come up with keywords and phrases
both by querying search engines and by analyzing your page. The Google
AdWords Keyword Tool
is very useful and you do NOT have to sign up
for AdWords to use it and the Google Zeitgeist page shows the top ten
most frequenly used search terms
for the current week.

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  1. I am so glad you were on the We Do Follow list!  I am new to blogging and have read all of your Building Blog Traffic posts.  You have provided a wealth of information and I thank you for it.