E-Mail Etiquette

April 13th, 2007 | Posted in Internet, News | Comments Off on E-Mail Etiquette

Y’know, it’s a shame to say it, but It’s past due for something like
this. The shame of it is that it actually takes somebody writing an
etiquette book to get people thinking about how they use email.

When this story was on GMA there was one issue they didn’t mention and
that is the practice of "top posting" or putting your reply above the
email that you are answering.

A lot of people have gotten into a lot of fights over this and it’s
really a pretty easy thing to solve. When you’re just emailing a quick
reply, there’s nothing wrong with putting your reply above the quoted
text if that’s your preference. If you’re exchanging a series of emails
in an ongoing conversation then I’d say it’s better to reply in-line,
snipping out all but the parts you’re responding to and putting your
resonses below them.

Get Burned: E-Mail Etiquette

Editors Offer Advice on the Art of Sending E-Mail

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