Microsoft Says iPhone is Irrelevant to Business

April 21st, 2007 | Posted in Internet, News, Technology | Comments Off on Microsoft Says iPhone is Irrelevant to Business

This is almost too funny. While I’m not a fan of iPhone by any stretch,
I can’t help but think that Micro$oft is going to eventually regret
saying that it’s "irrelevant to Business".

Says iPhone is Irrelevant to Business

An anonymous reader writes "A Microsoft exec has turned attack dog,
lashing out at Apple’s iPhone by saying the device isn’t good for
business. Why? Because the iPhone is ‘a closed device that you cannot
install applications on.’ Specifically, he’s talking about Microsoft
Office. ‘While the entry of the iPhone (with its cut-down version of
Mac OS X) into this market offers new options for consumers, Sorenson
believes user familiarity with the Windows Mobile interface — and the
ease with which companies can buy and develop applications for the
platform — will sustain its increasing popularity and help keep the
iPhone out of the lucrative corporate market.’"

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