I have to ask, this really isn’t a surprize to anyone is it? First,
vista is the latest ‘new thing’ that’s going to be targeted if only
becuase it’s new. Second, Micro$oft has done a lot of bragging about how
secure it is. It’s only logical to expect that there will be lots of
hotshot young programmers determined to show the boys in Redmond just
exactly how secure vista is NOT.

Says, Expect Vista Malware

Hypertwist writes "Despite all the anti-malware roadblocks built
into Windows Vista, Microsoft technical fellow Mark Russinovich is
lowering the security expectations, warning that viruses,
password-stealing Trojans, and rootkits will continue to thrive as
malware authors adapt to the new operating system. Even in a standard
user world, he stressed that malware can still read all the user’s
data; can still hide with user-mode rootkits; and can still control
which applications (anti-virus scanners) the user can access. From the
article: ‘"We’ll see malware developing its own elevation techniques,"
Russinovich said. He demonstrated a social engineering attack scenario
where a fake elevation prompt can be used to trick users into clicking
"allow" to give elevated rights to a malicious file.’

more of this story
at Slashdot.

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