Poll About ‘Real ID’ Law.

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No, I’m not taking a poll, I’m taking time to talk about one. The poll
taken below is said to show how much most Americans are in favor of the
new driver’s licenses that would happen under the Real ID Act. The
problem is that dispite all the claims to the contrary, this new
driver’s license is the very national ID card that it’s supporters are
trying to claim it isn’t.

How so? Well, how about the part that driver’s licenses from states that
do not implement this thing will not be valid for federal identification
purposes … like boarding planes, etc. What is that if it isn’t a
national ID??

The thing that bugs me about these so-called polls is that they never
ever publish the questions that they used to determine the results they
announced. For all we know, they slanted the questions by wording them
in such a way that it’s really easy to get answers you want. I know that
nearly EVERY set of questions *I’ve* ever read in a political poll have
been worded in such a way as to favor a particular point of view. It’s
amazing how difficult I sometimes find it to give the answer I WANT to
give, because of the way they word their questions and the limited scope
of their multiple choice answers.

"There are three kinds of lies – Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics." —
Mark Twain

public supports Real ID law

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) — A new poll shows that 70
percent of Americans support the introduction of national security
standards for driver`s licenses under the Real ID Act.

The support is strong despite opposition from several state
legislatures and charges that the program amounts to the backdoor
introduction of a national ID card, the poll shows.

The United Press International/Zogby poll of nearly 6,000 adults
across the United States found that more than 44 percent would support
a federal law mandating compulsory national biometric ID cards for all
U.S. residents.

A slim majority — just over 51 percent — would oppose such a
national ID scheme, however, and nearly one in four opposed the Real
ID Act.

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