Lip-Reading Surveillance Cameras

May 1st, 2007 | Posted in News, Privacy, Technology | Comments Off on Lip-Reading Surveillance Cameras

First they come up with so-called "smart" cameras, now we’ve got to look
out for snoop systems that can read lips .. Shades of HAL in "2001: A
Space Oddessy".

One thing’s for certain, to get an idea of what the next hair-brained
"Big Brother" type idea that some over-rated busybody will eventually
try to implement here in the US, all you need to do is watch what the
British government is doing. It’s becoming more and more clear that
those folks do NOT believe in anything resembling freedom of any kind
for Joe and Jane Average.

Surveillance Cameras

mrogers sends us to Infowars for the following news from the UK,
"which is fast becoming the front line of the war on privacy": "’Read
my lips…"’ used to be a figurative saying. Now the British
government is considering taking it literally by adding lip reading
technology to some of the four million or so surveillance cameras in
order identify terrorists and criminals by watching what everyone
says. Perhaps the lip-reading cameras and the shouting cameras will
find something to talk about."

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