Woman Gets Beer From Her Kitchen Faucet
Woman in Norway Gets Beer From Her Kitchen Faucet While Nearby Bar Gets Only Water on Tap

When I first read this headline, the first thing that came to mind was the thought that she’s liable to get a visit from several hundred examples of the likes of “Larry the Cable Guy”.  Never mind that the beer in question was reported to be flat and not worth the time it’d take to flush it, it’s beer and it’s “Free” . . . Well, you and I know it couldn’t really be free because somebody’s got to pay for it, but to these guys, if it came out of the fawcets, then “fer cryin out loud it’s free beer!”.

They’d fill the bathtub and every container they could find.  washing machines, buckets, pails, empty anti-freeze containers, Backyard pools..  The list is nearly endless.

As a matter of fact, While I’ve only seen a few episodes of “The Simpsons” way back in their first season, I can’t help think how much this sounds like the basis for one of their episodes.

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