Is Virtual Rape a Crime?

May 4th, 2007 | Posted in Internet | Comments Off on Is Virtual Rape a Crime?

Here’s something that I had never actually considered. The idea of
actions in a virtual world being crimes. I’m certain that there’s going
to be quite a bit of debate on this. My thought, something like rape is
wrong, be it physical actions in the ‘real’ world or in a virtual
setting. In either case the victim is rendered helpless and put through
something against their will. Granted, in the virtual situation there is
at least no physical harm but that doesn’t mean the victim should be
‘ok’ with it either.

Virtual Rape a Crime?

cyberianpan writes "Wired is carrying commentary on the story that
Brussels police have begun an investigation into a citizen’s
allegations of rape
in Second Life
. For reasons of civil liberty & clarity we’d like
to confine criminal law to physical offenses rather than thought
crimes but already threats, menace & conspiracy count as crimes. Could
we see a situation where our laws extend?"

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