Ok, maybe I’m one of the last dozen or so people in the world that
doesn’t have at least one flash drive that I carry around with my email
and essential files on it so that I can use it in any computer.

To be honest, I haven’t paid much attention to the little buggers until
now. However now that their price is coming down I’m going to get one.
I’ve seen ’em on ebay for decent prices, 4GB and 8GB models going for
$30 to $45 isn’t bad at all.

I’m thinking it would be a good place to store daily backups of
essential files in case of a crash. Not only that, but apparently you
can boot the computer from them as well, that means you can have a
‘clean’ boot in case of disk error on the main boot drive or if some
malware gets into your system, you can boot from the flash drive and
avoid starting the nasty. Then you clean the nasty out and restart the
computer normally.

And backups… Need I say more? Lets be honest, MOST people (including
yours truely) are very lazy about backups… we don’t do it nearly often
enough. I figure I’ll create a batch file that copies a whole mess of
stuff to the flash drive and then run it at least every couple of days
to keep my backups more current than ever before.

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