Online Ads vs. Privacy

May 13th, 2007 | Posted in Internet, Privacy | Comments Off on Online Ads vs. Privacy

Honestly, this ought to be a no-brainer for everyone.. in a contest
between what advertisers want and Joe Public wanting privacy, Privacy
should win out every time. The fact that it doesn’t shows just how much
(too much!) control the advertising industry has over how things are
done. In some ways, they’re as bad as the RIAA & MPAA

Frankly, we DON’T need to have our every move online tracked and
monitored to give us targeted advertising… I’d rather not see any at
all that I don’t look for.

Ads vs. Privacy

FOR advertisers, and in many ways for consumers, online advertising
is a blessing. Customized messages rescue advertisers from the broad
reach of traditional media. And consumers can learn about products and
services that appeal directly to them.But there are huge costs, and
many dangers, warns Jennifer Granick, the executive director for the
Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society ( To
approach individuals with customized advertising, you have to know who
they are. Or at least, you have to gather enough personal information
about them that their identity could be easily figured out.

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