Poker anyone? No, I’m not talking about the idea of taking the chance of losing your shirt or worse yet, your home by betting the farm in online gaming. I’m talking about a challenging game of poker that doesn’t need to ever see a cent of real money. In these games you’re using "play chips". The goal is to win lots of chips, if you lose your initial stake of play chips you can get more with a click or two and try again. You can also play for real at Most online poker sites also.

I’ve played a little on a couple of sites, I haven’t won big yet so I’ll probably not be signing up for the World Series of Poker this year. Thing is, I play on a Windoze based PC, and there’s lots of sites with PC based software. But the Mac users have a problem, There’s not very many sites that have programs that run on the Mac. Fortunately for Mac users there is Mac Poker, it’s a site who’s entire purpose is to help Mac based players know which sites have software for the Mac and are reputable. They’ve got listings of the best places to play poker for Mac.

One of them that I recognize is Fulltilt Poker. Most of the poker I’ve played has been there. Being a windows user I can’t load up the Mac software and check it out, but from the screenshots it looks very much the same. Fulltilt has over a thousand virtual tables to play at and that’s just for Texas Hold’em. There’s also several other flavors of poker as well as tournaments. Most of the tournaments are for play chips, but there are also freeroll tournaments and other special games where you can play for free and have a chance of winning real cash. A while back they had one where the top players won seats on NBC’s "Poker After Dark" and some serious money. I’ve also played some at PokerStars, though not nearly as much and it, like most online poker sites, has a full range of games with Texas Hold’em as it’s main attraction.

For those interested in playing with real money, after you’ve made sure that you can afford to lose whatever stake you plan to start with, Mac Poker has got a list of Poker Bonus codes that can earn you a bonus for signing up with a site and depositing real money to play with. They include bonus codes and links, reviews of the sites and the referral bonus you can earn for referring someone else to the site.

When it comes to playing poker on the Mac, I’d have to say that Mac Poker is a site to bookmark and use when looking for a place to play.

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