Pentagon Blocks YouTube on Computers

May 15th, 2007 | Posted in Internet, News | Comments Off on Pentagon Blocks YouTube on Computers

I can’t help wondering about this. They swear up and down that all
they’re trying to do is save some bandwidth, but the problem is that the
effect is to cut several lines of communication that soldiers in Iraq
have with their familys. Like home video posted on youtube so somebody
in Iraq can see something from home.

If it’s not about "editorial content", then at the very least there
ought to be some kind of solution that doesn’t cut soldiers off from
parts of the Internet. How about the idea that bandwidth is getting
cheaper these days.. at least that’s what ISP’s would have us believe,
evidenced by the fact that these days you can get a faster connection
than you could a couple years ago for the same or less money than you
would have paid then for the slower connection. All in all, something
about this smells and it ain’t cheese. In fact, it smells just like

Hrm… oh, yeah, almost forgot… Relevant link: TOR
Anonymous Proxy

Blocks YouTube on Computers

Pentagon Spokesman Insists Decision Strictly About Bandwidth, Not
Editorial Content

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