Paris Hilton May Not Serve Full Sentence

May 16th, 2007 | Posted in News | Comments Off on Paris Hilton May Not Serve Full Sentence

Sometimes I wonder if I should create a BS category on this blog just
for stories like this.  Is it even possible for this to be any kind of
surprize?  Another celebrity type with a major rep and lots of money
manages to get out of serving the full time that folks like you and me
would NEVER have a chance of serving even one day less than the maximum
thrown at us by the judge.

I say she needs to be made to serve the full time.  Yah, I know, the
jail is overcrowded, state policies, yada yada yada.  I think one of
the reasons that people don’t get as worried about jail time these days
is that there’s so many ways to cut the time short so that very few
people actually serve all the time they were sentanced to.  There’s
something that’s been forgotten.  Jail is a *punishment*, it’s not
supposed to be pleasant.

Hilton May Not Serve Full Sentence

Paris Hilton Could End Up Serving Less Than Half of the 45 Days She
Was Sentenced To

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