Don’t you love how headlines don’t usually tell much of the story? This
is one such case. The priest in question is a catholic priest who took a
vow of celibacy. The "partner" is a woman that he’s apparently broken
that vow with.

I’m not going to comment on celibacy except to say that while it’s not a
good idea to require it, once someone has taken a vow they need to live
up to that vow. It’s not just a contract, it’s something promised before
God and for that reason alone it needs to be honored once given.

As for the relationship with his "partner", if there had not been the
vow, then I see no reason why he should not be able to develop a
relationship and get married. However sex outside of marriage is wrong
and both of them know that if they’ve ever spent any time reading the
Bible which, since he’s a priest, I would assume they had.

villagers back priest with partner

The expulsion of a priest from a church in south-west France has
set off a fresh debate about celibacy.

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