Y’know, you kinda expect an employer to want to know something about
potential new employeees. I fully understand them wanting references and
such, and for some jobs a background check might be in order. But I also
think that there’s also such a thing as going too far.

Far Should a Job Screening Go?

SlashSquatch asks: "My sister is getting screened for a programming
position with a financial firm. I was alarmed to hear she’ll be
getting fingerprinted at the Sheriff’s Office as part of the screening
process. Instantly I conjure up scenes of frame-ups and corporate
scandals. I want to know, should this raise a flag? Would you submit
to fingerprinting, blood tests and who knows what else (financial,
genetic code, and so forth) for a programming position?"

Oh yea, to answer the question "SlashSquatch" (I DARE you to say that 3
times fast!) asked, I can’t see submitting to getting fingerprinted and
I would certainly object to it.

Before the ostritch crowd starts saying "If you don’t have anything to
hide you have nothing to worry about.", let me point out that it’s not
about hiding anything. It’s about a little thing called "It’s none of
your *@&@#^%#^%^ business!"

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